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Welcome to Zia:

a small family-owned Paris restaurant & coffee shop

inspired by fresh produce, vibrant flavors and good vibes.


Introducing Justin the chef and owner behind Zia. 

Justin moved to Paris in 2011 so that he could start cooking at the famed L’Arpège.


Élodie, Justin's daughter, made her arrival into the world in November 2016 -- only 5 weeks before the Grand Opening of Zia -- and she can often be found at Zia greeting our regulars and new visitors.

NOW OPEN (June 24, 2021): Justin is proud to announce the grand opening of his second restaurant concept, Milagro!! Just around the corner from Zia, we invite you to try our "bistronomique"menu, extensive wine list, and homelike interior design.


Justin Kent, chef and owner, grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, but his childhood was full of French influence. Born in the States to an American father and French mother, Justin spent many summers in the countryside of northern France with his family.

When Justin secured a position at Michelin 3-star restaurant, L’Arpège, he decided to return to France (this time for more than a summer), with his wife, Lindsey.  Under Passard’s direction, he learned a lot and began to form his own point of view and style of cooking. He was hugely inspired by the produce that Chef Passard grew at his own gardens and by the menu that would change from day to day.

From there he went on to cook at Verjus in the 1st arrondissement and L'Agape Substance by David Toutain. Both restaurants had a sharp focus on seasonal ingredients with the chefs showing their own unique point of view through each dish.

Along the way, Picnics in Paris was born, where he began preparing gourmet picnics for those looking to enjoy Parisian atmosphere in a different way. He also served up 3, 5 and 8-course tasting menus in his dining room in the 7th arrondissement, a twist on the typical Paris dining experience.

As he continued to hone the modern techniques he learned, using the seasonal produce available at his favorite Parisian marchés, Justin had the idea to open Zia. It would be the place where he could firmly establish his own point of view creating produce-driven dishes that highlight their beautiful flavor, simplicity, and texture.


Where does ZIA come from? The word symbolizes many things: the sun, the four seasons, and, most importantly, the Zia People. The Zia were an indigenous tribe to New Mexico, known for their ability to farm. As mostly vegetarians, they had a lot of success with their crops, the most celebrated being maize, beans, squash and chiles. 

On our menu, along with our French-inspired plates and delicious seasonal fare, you’ll find that we also pay homage to New Mexico & the Zia people with dishes that feature tortillas, corn, chiles and more.


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